RadiaGuard - Improving Lives Through Real Relief, Using Real IngredientsRadiaGuard - Improving Lives Through Real Relief, Using Real Ingredients

About RadiaGuard

Our products were developed by some radiation nurses that saw first-hand what patients were going through after treatment. The skin is the largest organ on our body and has to be treated Before, During and After to avoid serious pain plus a breakdown of the tissues. Our products are in hospitals, pharmacies, radiataion treatment center, hospital gift shops and breast cancer centers, nationwide and used by patients that find us online. The RadiaGuard products were developed with the patient in mind first and foremost.  

RadiaGuard was designed to help doctors have a product to help patients with the very painful effects on the skin from radiation treatment. Many Oncology Therapists get to see first hand the effects of radiation on the skin. RadiaGuard has enjoyed many successful years of helping patients and growing our footprint in hospitals around the world. Let us continue to help by getting our Complete Treatment in the hands of patients before treatment even starts. 

Our mission is to improve the lives of every single patient who undergoes radiation treatment: customers, suppliers and employees supporting a cure for cancer.
RadiaGuard wants to help! After years of watching patients struggle with the uncomfortable and sometimes painful conditions, we decided that cancer shouldn’t compromise your comfort. Taking our firsthand knowledge, we set out to develop an alternative solution based on the requests of patients and the feedback we receive from nurses, therapists and doctors throughout the cancer community. If one of our products has made your battle a little easier, or if you have a recommendation for something that would have helped you in your fight against cancer, please let us know by calling 888.371.4615. Please forward our site radiaguard.com to friends or family that may be going through radiation treatment. 


The benefits of aloe on your skin date back centuries to the Greek physicians who recommended it to their burned patients as a way to keep the skin moist. More recent research shows that aloe significantly increases skin regeneration. That’s why it is a key ingredient in our skin care line designed specifically for patients during radiation therapy.


Since ancient times, calendula has been used to aid in healing and reducing inflammation of irritated and dry skin. Research suggests that calendula can reduce the radiation dermatitis from radiation therapy, making it a key ingredient in RadiaGuard.