RadiaGuard - Improving Lives Through Real Relief, Using Real IngredientsRadiaGuard - Improving Lives Through Real Relief, Using Real Ingredients

Our Formulas

Real Relief, Real Ingredients

All in the Aloe

The benefits of aloe on your skin date back centuries to the Greek physicians who recommended it to their burned patients as a way to keep the skin moist. More recent research shows that aloe significantly increases skin regeneration. That’s why it is a key ingredient in our skin care line designed specifically for patients during radiation therapy.

Complete with Calendula

Since ancient times, calendula has been used to aid in healing and reducing inflammation of irritated and dry skin. Research suggests that calendula can reduce the radiation dermatitis from radiation therapy, making it a key ingredient in RadiaGuard.

Lidocaine for Immediate Pain Relief

RadiaGuard with 1% Lidocaine relieves pain fast while soothes the skin and helps with fast itch relief.