The Complete RadiaGuard® Treatment System

The Complete RadiaGuard Treatment System includes Beginning & Advanced Lotions, Post Restructure Cream, Metallic Free Deodorant and Lip Relief.  The Complete RadiaGuard Treatment System provides the IDEAL, COMPLETE and TOTAL Support Group for radiation therapy patients.

RadiaGuard® TREATMENT LOTION: With or Without Lidocaine

Net Wt. 4oz.

Begin using at the START of the radiation treatment regimen and continue to the FINISH to help prevent skin breakdown and guard against cell damage. Lotions are very quick absorbing, leaving no sticky or greasy residue on the skin.  ADVANCED Lotion with Lidocaine is recommended if additional comfort is desired for pain and itching.

Both lotions are uniquely formulated with Marigold (Calendula), Aloe and Jojoba. Created specifically for radiation therapy patients.

ADVANCED Lotion adds Lidocaine which provides additional comfort and relief for itching and pain.

RadiaGuard® POST Restructure Cream

Net Wt. 4oz.

Unique blend of superb ingredients that provide healing, moisturizing, revitalizing and restoring benefits to skin damaged by radiation.  Begin using right when radiation treatments have been completed. POST Restructure Cream increases skin tone and elasticity as it tightens pores, fights wrinkles and provides smoothness while protecting skin from damaging free radicals. POST Cream is a wonderful follow up to the RadiaGuard lotions.

Specially formulated with Vitamin E and DMAE to help skin regain tone, elasticity and feel like new!  An excellent facial cream to use on a daily basis.


Net Wt. 4oz.

Aluminum and metallic free, made entirely with natural ingredients. Unique odor-fighting formulation provides the radiation therapy patient a deodorant that is safe for use throughout the radiation treatment regimen.

RadiaGuard® LIP RELIEF

Net Wt. 0.25oz.

All-natural lip treatment made with the best of natural ingredients, providing comfort for sore and chapped lips. It glides on smoothly without pulling on dry, cracked lips.