Our product has never been sold through an Affiliate Program. We are offering a once in a lifetime opportunity for the right people to sell a product that is used by cancer doctors, hospitals, oncologists, clinics and patients nationwide and internationally.

  • Our Radiation Treatment System was developed by cancer therapist nurses that know exactly what a patient's skin goes through after radiation treatment. Please Google Radiation Skin Burn if you need to see pictures or YouTube some videos. Just be prepared to see some extremely painful skin irritations and burns.

Our company includes just five products:

  • Radiation Beginning Cream to help prepare the skin prior treatment
  • Radiation Advanced Cream w/ Lidocaine is used during treatments for pain and to continue efforts to keep the skin moist for healing.
  • RadiaGaurd Post Cream is used to help rebuild the skin after treatment. The skin breaks down during treatment.
  • RadiaGaurd Aluminum Free Deodorant can be used during the treatment when other deodorants cannot, and is very helpful staying clean
  • RadiaGaurd Lip Balm is used for cracked lips and dry skin around the nose and lip area that is caused by radiation treatment.

First, go look at our well branded website www.radiaguard.com and all our products.

  1. Large Customers: We sell this product through ecommerce with much success. We also have a link for hospitals that want to carry our products. Hospitals, Pharmacies, and Gift Shops are going to bring you high commissions.
  2. Cancer Centers with Multiple Locations and radiation treatment facilities: some cancer centers have 150 locations like 21st Century or Cancer Centers of America, MD Anderson... The list goes on forever and unfortunately all forms of cancer especially Breast Cancer only grows year after year.
  3. Cancer Patients suffering with every type of cancer you can imagine from Breast Cancer, Ovarian, Skin, Neck and many more are customers who need our products.

Do not miss this opportunity. It will launch Sept 7, 2019 to a limited number of affiliates, who will be make up an exclusive sales team. We will not allow affiliates to sell for any competitor of our products.

The Right Affiliate:

Anyone that is a blogger for Breast Cancer, Ovarian, Neck, Throat, Skin Cancer or any other cancers treated with radiation can profit greatly by promoting our products and helping patients. No, it is NOT just about the money at all. We will give an additional 1% of our profits Monthly to Cancer Research in hopes of finding a cure. It is about helping patients get relief from a pain that they have no idea is about to happen to their skin and to get hospitals to order these great products.

As of right now doctors and nurses are giving away Aquaphor or Vaseline, and even coconut oil. Nothing that helps with the pain or rebuilds the skin. Our references and current patients are a testimonial to our products. We have chosen to stay away from the big box retailers and market to the retail end user, and work through affiliates and maintain profit margins compared to selling it wholesale and making half the profit.

If you are chosen as an Affiliate, we want people with a drive to get the word out in a professional manner while knowing our products and how they can benefits hospitals and patients.

Our Choice Affiliates:

First, you will make 10% off each retail patient sell via ecommerce. These sales will be tracked with our Inuvo Software that tracks and codes all your orders that come from your referral. You are paid once a month with an automatic deposit in your account.

Second, all hospitals, pharmacies, gift shops and clinics who buy wholesale off our website as well will be paid at 6% the first year, 3% for the second, and 1% for life of the account as long as the affiliate is active with the company.

Third, an additional 1% will be paid for any other Affiliates you bring to the table to market our products.

Our products sell themselves, and our relationships with the Cancer Community only continues to grow. Come be a part of our success! Let's help patients be in charge of their skin. Please complete our Affiliate Form and we will let you know if your application will be approved for future sales.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call me at 888.371.4615 for a consultation and consideration.

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