Radiaguard COMPLETE Radiation Dermatitis Treatment System


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Radiaguard COMPLETE Treatment System

Recommended and Used by Oncology Hospitals, Cancer Centers and Clinics Nationwide


The RadiaGuard COMPLETE Treatment System includes Beginning & Advanced Lotions, Post Restructure Cream, Metallic Free Deodorant and Lip Relief. The Complete RadiaGuard Treatment System provides the IDEAL, COMPLETE and TOTAL Support Group for radiation therapy patients.


  • Nourishes - Marigold (Calendula) and jojoba oil strengthen skin and help lessen and prevent damage.
  • Relieves - Lidocaine and aloe offer tremendous relief while other ingredients continue to nourish "burned" skin.
  • Restores - Introduces Vitamin E and DMAE to help return skin's tone and elasticity.
  • Heals - Speeds up the wound healing process.


  • Formulated with Calendula (marigold)
  • Aloe 
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Lidocaine 
  • Vitamin E & DMAE

Use from the START of radiation treatment to the FINISH!



RadiaGuard Complete Radiation Treatment System for cancer patients contains the latest products available to repair skin damaged from radiation therapy. Each product is designed to help calm, soothe and moisturize radiation burns and radiation dermatitis for anyone undergoing radiation therapy. A rash that looks like acne or measles is a common side effect of radiation therapy, chemotherapy, bone marrow transplants or other types of targeted therapies. Typically, a patient's skin reaction following therapy worsens for up to a couple of weeks after radiation treatment ends. At this point, the damaged skin can begin to heal. It is important to schedule regular visits with your skin doctor following any type of radiation therapy, as you are at a higher risk for developing common types of skin cancer, such as basal cell or squamous cell carcinoma. When radiotherapy is used to treat underlying malignancies, your skin can be damaged by radiation (or radiation burn). As the ionizing radiation interacts with cells inside your body, your body may respond by causing skin redness around the damaged area of tissue. Radiation dermatitis is a side effect of external beam ionizing radiation treatments and may be called radiation burn, x-ray dermatitis or radiodermatitis. Conversely, radiation recall is a poorly understood hypersensitivity that is triggered when an individual receives chemotherapy following radiation treatments for a specific cancer. As a primary cancer treatment protocol, radiation uses high-energy radioactive substances to kill cancerous cells. Unfortunately, when the radiation passes through your skin to destroy cancerous cells, healthy skin cells are damaged, which may require a complete radiation treatment system for a full recovery. Radiation damaged skin can range from a severe reaction with blisters and wet peeling skin to a milder red rash with itchy flaking skin. The rash (also called erythema) should not be confused with a skin cancer caused by squamous cell carcinoma that has a rash-like appearance. Moreover, an area of skin treated using radiotherapy can remain sensitive for many years, which means your skin is at a higher risk of sun damage as well as developing certain skin cancers. Although most patients do not need to avoid the sun completely, you should always take extra care to protect it from the sun's harmful rays and use a complete radiation treatment system to restore moisture. Sunlight is known to stimulate the production of vitamin D, which is believed by medical researchers to reduce your risk of dying from other forms of cancer, such as lung, breast, prostate or colon cancer. Nonetheless, with RadiaGuard Complete Radiation Treatment System, you can focus your attention on healing and even pampering damaged areas of skin for months following your radiation therapy.