RadiaGuard Radiation Lip Relief Treatment


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RADIAGUARD Radiation Lip Relief Treatment

Recommended and Used by Oncology Hospitals, cancer centers and clinics nationwide  

All-natural lip treatment that soothes, protects, feels great and glides on smoothly without pulling on sore, cracked lips. It a healing ointment with ingredients that are known to rebuild the skin.


  • Treatment for extreme dry, burned, skin around the lip 
  • Radiation dermatitis around the lip area
  • Cracked and damaged skin around the lip 
  • Rebuilding and healing of the damaged skin around the lip
  • Also useful around the nose


RadiaGuard Lip Relief is formulated with ingredients that hold in moisture and give burns and irritated areas the protection they need to heal quickly.

This technologically advanced restoration ointment restores and rebuilds radiation damaged, dry, cracked lips. 


Nothing like the dry hospital or cancer treatment center environment to dry out your lips. That's why it is crucial to manage radiation treatment side effects, such as mouth or lip sores, so you stay in control as you go through cancer treatment and radiation therapy. Despite your best efforts to prevent mouth sores, you may still develop them following radiation treatments. Sores can form inside the lining of your mouth or on any of the soft tissues of your lips. These burn-like sores can be painful, disfiguring and make it difficult to eat, talk or swallow. Our Radiation Treatment Lip Relief products can keep mouth sores from being painful and distressing. Unfortunately, damage to the cells in your mouth makes it difficult for your mouth to heal itself. If skin damage from radiation therapy remains untreated, blisters can open exposing raw areas of skin that can be weepy and quite painful. Any change of skin condition that leaves areas of exposed skin can be especially troublesome if an infection develops. Unfortunately, ill effects to your skin in the treatment areas may continue to get worse for weeks before it slowly starts to get better. In most cases, pearly pink patches of new skin will start to grow back much faster, but the new skin is delicate and may still develop blisters or peeling patches of skin. This is where vigilant treatment using post-radiation therapy skincare products can be of great benefit in providing relief from discomfort while promoting healing. Once you have started radiation therapy, the first thing you will likely notice will be a change to your skin in the treatment areas. Your reaction may be mild and limited specifically to those areas or you may have a more dramatic reaction, especially if you are more susceptible to sunburn. As with a sunburn, your skin may become dry, sore and sensitive to the touch. Irritation or radiation dermatitis may increase, and the affected areas might peel or blister. Applying our radiation treatment lip relief products can help you manage mouth and lip irritations to ease any pain or discomfort. After you've finished your last treatment, these ill effects may continue for weeks. During radiation therapy, radiation passes through the skin during each session from front to back in the treatment field. For most patients, some reaction will occur to the skin starting around the second week of therapy. The affected areas of skin may appear to be peeling, irritated, red, tanned or sunburned and reactions may be more severe in people with fair skin tones. Although skin reactions may continue to worsen during the treatment process, ill effects should start to subside about a week after the final treatment. Protecting radiation-damaged skin around the mouth and lips with RadiaGuard Radiation Treatment Lip Relief is important as these areas will always be a little more prone to infection.