WHOLESALE RadiaGuard Aluminum Free Deodorant (Case of 12)



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RADIAGUARD (Aluminum Free) Deodorant For Cancer Radiation Therapy Patients

Recommended by Oncology Hospitals, Cancer Centers, and Clinics Nationwide 


This product should be used throughout the treatment process for radiation patients. 

Did you know you are not able to use regular deodorant products during radiation treatment? 

Our technologically advanced formula aluminum free deodorant helps our radiation treatment patients maintain your personal hygiene. 


 Metal and aluminum-free odor-fighting formulation which is safe for use throughout the cancer radiation treatment regimen.


  • Nourishes - Marigold (Calendula) and jojoba oil strengthen skin and help lessen and prevent damage.
  • Relieves - Aloe offer tremendous relief while other ingredients continue to nourish "burned" skin.
  • Restores - Introduces Vitamin E and DMAE to help return skin's tone and elasticity.
  • Heals - Speeds up the wound healing process.

Radiation and other cancer therapies reduce your skin's tolerance to using routine cosmetic products and can disrupt skin barrier functions. Moreover, many hygiene products can aggravate radiation-damaged skin. Advising cancer patients about skin cleansing, hydration and repair is something the staff at RadiaGuard has the experience and expertise to do. Without professional guidance, some patients tend to experiment with the wrong skincare products that can cause their conditions to worsen. Since everyone responds differently to radiation therapy, you should be ready to evaluate your symptoms throughout radiation therapy using the most appropriate topical product, such as RadiaGuard Radiation Treatment Deodorant. A radiation rash or radiodermatitis is the most common reaction to radiation therapy. If you need post-radiation treatment toiletries, our radiation treatment deodorant is a great choice. Although dermatitis is not normally associated with death, there have been radiation rash cases, which have resulted in serious morbidity. Unfortunately, most restrictive skin care practices interfere with normal hygiene and can be very distressing for the patient, making him or her feel socially unacceptable at a time when support from friends and family is very important. Since skin conditions and problems with your hair or nails are particularly visible, it can be difficult to feel and look your best. That's why RadiaGuard offers a variety of products to help with radiation dermatitis before, during and after radiation treatment therapy. All patients receiving radiation treatment therapies are at risk of developing uncomfortable skin reactions. Common acute side effects of cancer treatments can range from a mild case of erythema to moist desquamation. Since not all patients receiving radiation therapy are at risk of developing skin reactions, there is no one-shoe-fits-all solution for the prevention or cure. Moreover, skin care options during radiation therapy remains controversial and differs considerably between practitioners. Nonetheless, a common objective is to identify quality radiation skincare products like our radiation therapy deodorant that can reduce the pain and aggravation radiation therapy.